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Tween Guys

Know any tween guys? Think 4th - 6th grade. Think end of elementary, soon-to-be in middle school. Think always ready for a challenge.

Often, tween guys are set for a physical challenge - like something in sports. That is one reason that they love to compete. It is a challenge to show their physical skill. Maybe it is making that goal or hitting the winning run.

Many tween guys like gross challenges. Let's face it, when "suffering" scraps, cuts, bruises, and other minor injuries, they are more than pleased to share the grossness with others. They laugh at the reaction of others to the puss and blood. Feeling a little nauseous? Not a tween guy - right?

Tween boys are impressed with the amazing. They are enthralled with the skill of black belts and the daring of zipliners.

Shocking? Unbelievable? Sweet.

Tween guys love to confront the nearly impossible.

Why I Write for Tween Guys

Tweens have the basic reading skills down, and now they are ready to use them. In school, they are reading to learn new academic concepts. In the Bible or in Christian literature, they are reading to learn new concepts, too.

The ages of 9-12 can be tough for guys. Sometimes it is easier to go along with the group instead of sticking with what they have been taught. Tween guys are learning to apply the basics of their faith in difficult life situations. They are confronting what the world sees as impossible. I hope that they will apply the basics that are taught in the Bible – Don’t you? I pray that they will discover that Jesus is more amazing that we can imagine.

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